Sunday, 1 October 2017

My Presentation that I created for the diorama

Here is the presentation that I created but we showed Nia's on the day tell me which one you like better but my favourite would have to be Amy.There is a link to her one Here are both of our presentation.Mine is the one with all of the photos Nia's is Simple please comment on Amy's and Nia's Blogs.Mine is the bottom one and the top one is Nias we only showed Nia's on the day only because I still needed to add a few things

Me and NIa pesentation

Friday, 29 September 2017

Inquiry Dioramas

The following week Room 12 and 11 have been working on there inquiry dioramas. We were to buddy up into partners who have a similar question to yours and create a diorama with them! My buddy is Nia and Reece but sadly Reece left. We are focusing on changing landscapes. We decided to do a volcano that explode  Take a look at some of the photos that were taken of us working on our diorama!

St Heliers Dancing

Here is the Pacfica Pearls  they attended to visit our very special neighbours at St Heliers School, we performed 6 dancers and I was in 3 of the dancers Every one was very amazed.Our performance was 30 minutes long so Mrs Fa'alili had to ask a lot of people to join to make it one of the best performances we have ever done. Lucky a lot of people wanted to join so we did a fantastic job. We were really proud of ourselves and I think St Heliers loved it! Here are some photos.+ 65 people Joined the group

Diorama Volcano

As you guys know Room 11 and Room 12 have been working on dioramas for inquiry. My questions were about volcanoes. I have been working on my diorama with my best friend Nia.o. Our project is a camp site near a volcano I really wanted to explode it but it was'nt the best eruption I will post up a link of what it looked like when it exploded here is what it looked like I hope you enjoy

Diorama Google Drawing

Here is a google drawing of a volcano google drawing

Our Diorama

I and Nia we had to start to make a diorama here is a slide deck of what we done and here are a few photo I brought mentos and diet coke to make an explode our one was based on being around a camp site to show people how a volcano erupts around people and how it changes the landscape for people who are really sporty.We done this it was because our inquiry question where around the same topic of learning here is a photo of our amazing creation. By Sarah-Jane and Nia