Monday, 9 April 2018

Fun Day on Friday

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On friday our head students and our sports captain have chosen our last day of term to be a fun day. What happens in a Glen Taylor school  fun day.We participate in heaps of games and have sausage sizzle and also have an ice block sales. Most of the games are water based activities like having a wet sponge then putting under and over from each team mates head then squeeze out the leftover water into a bucket then when that time is up the team with the most water wins !!! l can't wait for our funday what do you do on a FUN DAY ?

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Exploring Money

Walt explore diffrent modes of explaning our thinking

Today i'v learnt something amazing about MONEY that the $2 coin was designed by Ian ran Bradley plus the bird on it is called a kotuku  and that Lord Rutherford he was one of the first non coloured person to inslaved Maori he tried to work on a formula to take colour away from coloured people. Did you know that the 5 dollar note in 1914 it use to eqaull around up to 123.26 dollars !

Here is way's to get money and how much you would earn weekly monthly and annually.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Sue Pine Maths

Image result for maths teacher clipartSue pine. Sue Pine is a maths teacher that comes in and teaches students and teachers how to teach them in mixed abilty groups like smart and not as smart.So that all students can work as the same paste as every-one eles. Working in Mixed abilty will help some children in a way we done  a mutiplacation being 18 x 5 = 90 the we had to try and work out various ways to figure it out mine was halving the 18 and the doubleing the 5 still equalling 90 and also I also done 10 x 5 =50 then 4 x 8 equalling 40 adding it together 90 all still adding up to the same number 90

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Family fun day

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On Saturday there was a family fun day and i did not attended this because i travelled up to pakiri and i as finishing off my digital pepeha . We had a sausage sizzle games rides the parents meet the teachers and a lot of people had came. Our principal done an amazing presentation and alot of infomation that our parents needed to know

My Digital pepeha

Monday to Friday we had to do a digital pepeha all about our cultural background.We had to do this in maori so that we can learn the Moari langue and by doing this we can share our learning with manakalani and still learning something new like Te reo. A pepeha is something that establishes your identity and heritage in Maori.😍